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About the Artist

Markus Blaus was born in Salem, Massachusetts, as the seventh child to immigrant parents from the nation of Latvia. With a bachelor of arts degree, he has had careers in marketing and education. He is currently continuing his education at Sacramento City College. Markus' art has shown in Punta del Este and Montevideo, Uruguay and in Northern California.

photo of Mixed Realities

Markus' first book, "Mixed Realities", has over 50 full-color images that explore the concept of "shape layering". Using drawing, painting, photography and digital work, Markus creates impossible compositions of shapes that allow the viewer to appreciate multiple realities. The book includes philosophy and poetry and is available in English as well as Spanish.

What is “Shape Layering”?

Shape Layering is the placing of shapes in impossible compositions that allow the viewer to see more than one reality.

Shape Layering Graphic

Imagine if you will, a group of squares.  In one square is the start of a large circle and in the next square is the continuation of that large circle.  You can think of the group of squares as windows into another place where the complete circle exists.  What if the same group of squares is also in front of an even larger triangle?  If the group of squares are blocking you from seeing parts of the triangle behind it, then it must be solid.  So you can imagine two realities for the group of squares; both as a window looking onto a circle and as a solid in front of a triangle.

Floating Box